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Chartered Accountantsand Business Advisers

Other services

Apart from our core services of accounting and tax, we can assist you in other areas.


We are able to help you with company secretarial services dealing with Annual Returns filed at Companies House, the appointment and resignations of company officers and filing of any of the other forms and resolutions required by company law.  In addition, we offer a company formation service which normally enables a company with a name of your choice (subject to availability) to be formed within 24 hours.


We also offer a payroll bureau service where we will deal with all of the requirements associated with operating a PAYE scheme, including preparing salary payslips, dealing with the RTI filing requirements with HM Revenue & Customs and advising you on what payments you are required to make to both your employees and HM Revenue & Customs.  In addition, we will assist with the preparation of forms P11D dealing with expenses and benefits paid to your employees or help you make a dispensation application to reduce your filing requirements in this area.


Other services we offer include:

  • Company formation service
  • Company secretarial service
  • Form P11D preparation
  • Payroll bureau service

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